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Materials and Manufacturing Technology Laboratory

Since the beginning of civilization, people's living standards thanks to the materials used are continually increased. In the light of material science, especially after the Industrial Revolution, materials has been submitted to the service of humanity on such fields like transportation, shelter, clothing, communication in all areas of our daily lives. To produce materials and formed into usable products constitute a large portion of today's economy. In the process of materials into products, used in various manufacturing technologies.


The purpose of the Mechanical Materials and Manufacturing department is that to train engineers who experts in their field, the original and qualified academic staff with modern engineering applications equipped, knowledgeable in their field and can use this informations on design, implementation and communication effectively, can define the engineering problems and can design and choose suitable materials for solution, systems, products and manufacturing processes and can convert to project by using these and to protect the resources and nature and quality of predicts of the production with the economic fundamentals.